Surreal Hiking Trails


Lined with sun-drenched vineyard terraces and steep slopes, the Moselle meanders through ancient landscapes. Here, the traditional Riesling grows, allowing those who walk past to indulge in a drink and some food in one of the many small winery pubs and "Strauss" restaurants. Numerous sluices generate busy ship traffic, which captures the attention of those nearby, picturesque chapels and proud castles tell the tales of times long gone. An especially appealing stop for hikes along the Moselle is the wildly-romantic Ehrenburg castle, surrounded by thick woods, transporting visitors back to the deepest Middle Ages. The following are the inviting hiking trails along the Moselle:


An overview of all the picturesque trails along the Moselle:


Mountain Ravine Path Ehrenburg

Through marvelous landscapes, along cliffs on the Moselle, deep couloirs, along bubbling creeks, diving deep into the Middle Ages in the wildly-romantic Ehrenburg castle. You will be rewarded with spectacular views of the Moselle and the Moselle valley.

Length: 12.6 km
Elevation gain: 397 m
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: medium

Bleidenberger Views

The name says it all! Terrific panorama views of the Moselle valley and mighty rock faces with deep canyons. Follow the trails of an old vineyard path to the medieval Thurant castle and the pilgrimage church, Bleidenberg.

Length: 12.8 km
Elevation gain: 537 m
Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty: medium

Eltzer Castle Panorama

Gorgeous views of the Moselle plateau and quiet meadow landscapes along the bubbling Elzbach creek, linked together with a unique cultural memorial site – the magnificent Eltz castle!

Length: 12.6 km
Elevation gain: 397 m
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: medium


Hatzenporter Laysteig Climb

Through unspoilt paths, the track leads along the cliffs of the Moselle directly through vineyards. Fixed-rope climbing routes add extra thrills. The distinctive Rabenlay and Kreuzlay provide breathtaking views before the path leads down the enchanted and tranquil Schrumpftal valley.

Length: 11.9 km
Elevation gain: 539 m
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: high


Koberner Castle Path

Surreal tracks through unspoilt forests on wooden footbridges, crossing spluttering creeks. The Ober- and Niederburg castles sit enthroned above picturesque vineyards. Cultural highlights include the late Romanesque Matthias chapel as well as a Celtic cult site.

Length: 17 km
Elevation gain: 517 m
Duration: 5:30 hours
Difficulty: high


Pyrmonter Rock Climb

Adventurous paths and steep rock faces fade into vast fields and beautiful views. The medieval Pyrmont castle awaits your visit, and just beyond is the idyllic casquade at the Pyrmonter mill.

Length: 11.7 km
Elevation gain: 363 m
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: medium

Schwalber Ascend

The interweaving of calm forest stretches with paths packed with views over the Moselle plateau make for a scenic appeal of this hike. Jungle-like trails lead through valleys to provide exposed views of Hitzlay and views from the Mönch-Felix shack.

Length: 13.2 km
Elevation gain: 484 m
Duration: 4 hours
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