Beauty care L'Beaute

Beauty care & massages in Hotel Lellmann

Relaxation massage
It has a balancing effect on the body, mind and soul. Discomfort can be alleviated and stress can be removed.
20 minutes 29.00 €
45 minutes 55.00 € 

Hiker's joy 
Foot and calf massage, including foot bath, peeling, foot lotion and nail oil.
30 minutes 39.00 €

Rose massage
Let yourself be indulged with a glass of Moselsecco. With warm compresses, we prepare you for a rose peeling after which we gently massage you with fragrant rose oil.
40 minutes 79.00 €

Immerse into gold
Experience a golden dream with a glass of Riesling champagne. Warming compresses, an exclusive peeling, and a massage with premium gold oil not only provide you with deep relaxation, but also leaves a tinge of gold on your skin.
40 minutes 69.00 €

Lavender dream
The soothing effect of lavender flowers combined with a gentle massage will leave you deeply relaxed.

30 minutes 69.00 €

Quick treatment 
Cleansing, peeling, warm compress, mask, finishing care.
40 minutes 32.00 €

Classic facial treatment
A unique indulgence for all-round relaxation. It feels like the holidays for your soul and skin. Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eye-brow correction, mask, eye care, face, neck, and cleavage massage, finishing care.
70 minutes 64.00 €

Sion Thalasso
Soin Masque Thalasso Visage, the powerful treatment from the sea. The gently cooling power mask with sea algae for that extra dose of moisture. Experience the unique feeling of vitalizing freshness, maximizing your well-being. The extracts from the Breton brown algae cells purges the skin of negative environmental influences and gives an intensive hydration to the skin. Micro-algae stimulate the metabolism and repair stressed skin. The skin becomes firmer and is well-hydrated. Any signs of fatigue are virtually brushed away. The perfect short vacation for the skin.
approximately 70 minutes 75.00 € 

Sion Cocoon
This treatment is all about wellness and relaxation. A heavenly smooth foam mask envelops the face like a cocoon. Highly-concentrated active agents take care of your skin. This treatment allows your skin to shine again with new energy and firmness.
70 minutes 75.00 €

Sion Masque Modelant
The classic by Maria Galland. Universally used and approved. The self-warming mask with a deep penetrating effect. The skin is treated with special ingredients which, due to the raised temperature, can penetrate deep into the skin. Mask options for impure skin, hydration, or anti-aging. The complexion will be vitalized, rejuvenated, and lifted.
80 minutes 89.00 €

Anti-aging treatment
Cleansing, peeling, lifting mask, ampule, anti-aging finishing care
50 minutes 59.00 €

For the young problematic skin
Cleansing, peeling, vapozon, mask, finishing care, quick make-up
40 minutes 38.00 €

Indulgence packages

Day of relaxation
Body peeling, whole-body relaxation massage, Sion Cocoon facial treatment, hand mask Soin Cocoon, foot mask Soin Cocoon
129.00 €

Day of beauty
Classic facial treatment, coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows, foot care, manicure, hand massage
89.00 €

Coloring of eyebrows 8.00€
Coloring of eyebrows and correction 14.00 €
Coloring of eyelashes 8.00 €
Coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes 15.00 €
Eyebrows correction 6.00 €

Foot care with medical treatment
Foot care 23.50 €
Foot care with varnish 28.00 €
Foot care with UV-varnish 33.50 €

Classical manicure
Manicure 19.00 €
Manicure with varnish 23.50 €
Hand mask Soin Cocoon 25.00 €

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